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The attack of the Terrorist !?

This is the event I had in the dream on the 12th of August.

I recognize some events in the dreams, and I believe that
they will be signals or warning for the events may happen
in near future.

I recognized a railroad accident in this dream. The accident
may be happened in subway. Since the accident in the dream was really
terrible, I couldn't recognize that it was simply the accident
or caused by terrorism.
I recognized completely broken human body with a female head in the dream.

Time zone this event may happen : in the morning or daytime.
The place this event may happen : anywhere in overseas, not in Japan

I realize that this event may be happened by the action a certain female

In this dream a certain person in the dream recognized me, then the person
told me that it's the train which carries the death, and that people
will feel something is wrong on the ground.

I am sorry that I can't specify when and where this event may happen.
Since I wanted the people in overseas to be careful of this terrible
railroad accident may happen in near future, I wrote this message here
in English.

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