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Seeking The Devil: Sikh Shooting Is A Deep State Psy-Op

Saman Mohammadi
August 7, 2012

In the aftermath of the shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, U.S. government officials and U.S. journalists are going by a script that was written for them in advance of the event.

The most important detail of this tragic incident has not been mentioned at all by the rotten establishment media, which is that one of the victims was the father of a documentary filmmaker whose new film called “Sirius” exposes the shameful century-long cover-up of free energy technology by the U.S. government. The film also documents the UFO cover-up, and features the work and research of Dr. Steven Greer.

The filmmaker’s name is Arm Kaleka. Pray for him, his family, and the entire Sikh community that has been impacted by this event.

There is speculation that this shooting was done by a professional hit squad who deliberately targeted Kaleka’s father to send a message to him and also to spread terror in the hearts of the individuals behind the project.

In other words, this shooting was not the work of a single, hateful, and crazy individual who mistook Sikhs for Muslims, but of a small and well-trained group of assassins who are on the payroll of the U.S. shadow government.

Soon after the event happened there were reports that multiple shooters were on the scene. And, yet, the media has pointed to one man in particular, a U.S. army vet whose background fits the exact description of the Department of Homeland Security’s list of potential domestic extremists. Paul Joseph Watson writes:

“Despite the fact that a number of different eyewitnesses reported multiple shooters, the narrative of the lone gunman, a disgruntled US Army veteran, has now been fixed. This conveniently dovetails with recent efforts by the feds to demonize returning veterans as potential terrorists, which itself is part of the wider move to smear conservatives as domestic extremists.”

When a story advances the Deep State’s agenda for total control almost to a ‘T’ then chances are that it was invented for public consumption.

The psy-op programmers in the U.S. shadow government killed two birds with one stone with this shooting: sending a message to documentary filmmaker Arm Kaleka, punishing him in fact, and drumming up fear about the rise of domestic terrorism.
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It is also highly suspicious that the shooter in question worked in the psy-op division in the U.S. army. He is literally a shadow patsy. The FBI says he was on their radar. Yeah, I bet.

By the looks of it, the FBI most likely oversaw this entire operation from beginning to end. They took special care of the crime scene, too, as they did on September 11, 2001.

II. Keeping America And Humanity In The Dark

Let’s face it: America is controlled by psyop vultures and genocidal murderers who commit assassinations and then falsely portray them in the mass media as mass shootings done by a lone gunman.

But it is not just America. Out of control secret services and intelligence agencies in every country pose the greatest threat to security, peace, and freedom on this planet. State terror is their modus operandi.

The satanic controllers of the U.S. shadow state only know the language of violence. They speak through terror for those in the know, while using Orwellian rhetoric for the mentally enslaved public to retain their unthinking support for new state policies and objectives.

One of the shadow state’s new objectives is demonizing veterans, gun owners, and conservatives because they pose the greatest threat to the stability of the psychopathic regime in Washington.

The psyop officers in the U.S. shadow government and their partners in the corporate media put out scripted versions of mass shooting events in order to gain the psychological upper hand in the battle for the American public mind and the world’s collective soul.

Explosive documentary films like “Sirius” expose the corruption of high officials in the U.S. government and educate the American people as well as the world about the most gravest of matters. But if the sick rulers of the satanic U.S. shadow state have their way, films like “Sirius” will never see the light of day.

They want to keep America and humanity in the dark until the end of time.

Watch the video below of Alex Jones breaking down the latest psyop event at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin.



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